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Thoughtfully chosen antique coins.


Stellina Josephine

Stellina Josephine is a fine jewellery brand created and designed in partnership with Barry’s Jewellers in Ontario. Stellina works full-time as an interior designer with a passion for heritage homes and infusing thoughtful details from the past, reimagined into today's modern world.

I started my career in jewellery 18 years ago at Barry’s Jewellers; a local boutique-concept jewellery store and have found myself completely mystified by jewellery ever since. It is something I have an undeniable passion for and honour the path it has taken me on, fundamentally leading me to my career in interior design that I deeply love today.

Discovering a fondness for the fine details and the unwavering quality of both new and heirloom pieces, I have always desired to curate a bespoke collection in partnership with Barry, but always knew that it had to feel authentic and second nature; blending my love for antiques and passion for design. It started almost 5 years ago when a sparkling gold disc sitting in a beautiful mess on Barry’s desk captured my eye. That was it; a gold coin dating back to 1779 that I had made into a necklace and have worn almost every day since. This piece sparked the collaboration between me and my friend, Barry.

Jewellery has a unique way of telling a story, some that are shared with you by the owner or maker, and others you can learn by decoding the small hallmarks carefully stamped onto a piece. New and old, there is a sort of magic that belongs to the history of something, and the unspoken secrets that can never be shared but only imagined. We hope you love our collection. Repurposed to be treasured by you and admired by others.

With love,
Stellina xx


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